After Texas Hold'em what should FCC develop next?
Euro Roulette
American Roulette
Omaha Poker
Caribbean Stud
Seven Card Stud

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We have some price packages for those who want all games and custom packages for those who just don't want to display our links. So for the professional website to the newbie, our games aim to fit everyones budget.

$$$Game Description
FREE Cloud 9 Slots - Check out how our games and admin panel works free with this addictive slot machine. This is the best way to test drive the admin panel and setup process to discover the ease of installation.
$20/mo NitroBurst Slots
$20/mo Video Poker - This is Free Casino Games version of Video Poker. Enhance it with our forum integration for maximum excitement! Make sure to add a store so your members can cash out!
$20/mo Blackjack - Another classic game from Free Casino Content. No casino is complete without a blackjack table. A great sticky addition.
$100/mo Texas Hold'em - Texas Hold'em IS our premier game. If you already have an established website get ready to increase your visitors average time on your site.
$$$Extra Options
setup fee
Points Module - Establish a connection with your phpBB, or vBulletin or custom forum software allowing your members to gamble points earned in your forum's economy.
$50 /mo
Link Removal (a) - Our links are small and not really in your visitors way, but if you must, you may remove our backlinks from the three basic games.
$50 /moh
Link Removal (b) - Remove our backlinks from Texas Hold'em.
$200 /mo
Premium package - Best Deal: Get Cloud 9 Slots, NitroBurst Slots, Blackjack, Video Poker and Texas Hold'em with no backlinks.